“She went on and told me all about the good place. She said all a body would have to do there was to go around all day long with a harp and sing, forever and ever” – Mark Twain, The adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Part 1: Some history

Canvas Blanco is the brainchild of Jozua Koffeman. What started within a safe cocoon, grew out in an idiosyncratic way of writing: lively, adventurous and playful. Together with Arjan De Wit the songs of Canvas Blanco developed into raw and imaginative Europicana. What?!.. Yes, straight out of Europe! In 2015, Canvas Blanco released it’s debut album “Call Me Lucky Fat Or Skinny”. Think of it as a pioneer becoming homesick, traveling back & forth, forth & back. All the while collecting curiosities and mixing them all up inside his backpack! All in all the album was well received, still slightly under the radar.

Part 2: Plotting a new course with Exilio

Robbert Deurloo, Jozua Dieleman and Oscar Lagerström came along and together they exiled the pioneer into other spaces. Unsettling maybe given the slightly odd and unnatural new habitat, yet in a way strangely familiar to the world we know. Does that categorize as Spaci-cana? Sounds tasty but who cares?..
Trying to create this otherworldly music has resulted in an exiting new album named Exilio, a redemptive and slightly hallucinating trip through the restless eyes of Sam Towyer. An odd deviation of what supposed to be wonderfully cloned servitude material; some obedient body with a flawless genetic make up. But there seems to be a glitch. Songs for all who feel exiled at times, familiar with many things and still not at home somehow.

Part 3: Sounds

The non-auto-tuned and spirited voice of Jozua Koffeman is supported by Arjan De Wit on acoustic guitars, crazy electrics and pedal-steel morphing (and he sings too) Matchless drums and all things rhythmic by Robbert Deurloo. (and he sings too) Weaving his way through it all is Jozua Dieleman on keys, synth magic and hammering some exotic dulcimer. (and yes, he occasionally sings too) Finally Oscar Lagerström is doing some serious underscoring with solid yet playful bass lines.

Part 4: Inspired by

Naming Influences is often tricky but we owe a lot of inspiration to:
Wilco, Andrew Bird, Midlake, Damien Jurado, George Orwell, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Beck, The Terminator, Mark Twain, Michael Gondry, Calexico, Dark City, Radiohead, Wes Anderson