“I’ll be back”author unknown

Canvas Blanco has set out to discover and wants to take you along on a road less traveled; the scenic route! With curiousity and craftsmanship at the heart the band has set out to explore music with a child like enthusiasm.
In 2015 their debut “Call Me Lucky Fat Or Skinny” saw the daylight; a mostly acoustic and Americana infused album with lush and playful arrangements. Like a soundtrack of a journey in which wanderlust and playful imagination join forces. It didn’t take long before the term “Europicana” came along to characterise this musical endeavour.

The far and unknown kept on calling and after plotting a new course it finally resulted in a new album called “Exilio”. It’s a futuristic story about Sam Towyer who discovers that he is a slight deviation of what was supposed to be a perfect clone. Sam is trying to find a way out of this straitjacket of digital feasibility and gets into trouble for being a little too curious.. The album is a divers collection of songs about safety, love and dialogues about freedom and technology, but also about the fear of losing grip on reality (whatever that is inside this story..)

Canvas Blanco has not outgrown the child-like playfulness, yet still delivers a mature ode with this album to the great sci-fi genre. The band took inspiration from the many books, movies and music created over the last couple of decades. What followed was a joint writing process in which the band tried to create as much space for playful imagination as possible. Enter Exilio! This new album will see daylight on the 8th  of April 2019.

Canvas blanco is:
Jozua Koffeman: Lead vocal, Acoustic and electric guitars, Percussion
Arjan De Wit: Acoustic and electric guitars, Pedal-steel guitar, Autoharp, Backing vocals
Jozua Dieleman: Keys, Organ, Synthesizer, Hammered dulcimer, Backing vocals
Robbert Deurloo: Drums, Cymbals, Ocean Drum, Percussion, Backing vocals
Oscar Lagerström: Bass guitar, Fretless Bass guitar, Organ

Naming Influences is often tricky but we owe a lot of inspiration to:
Wilco, Andrew Bird, Midlake, Damien Jurado, George Orwell, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Beck, The Terminator, Mark Twain, Michael Gondry, Calexico, Dark City, Radiohead, Wes Anderson